HEY, WELCOME! I am Anna, but my friends call me Anya!

It always has been my passion photographing and showing people how beautiful there are!

All of my clients always say that I have a gift of “photographing without posing”. I bring out the best in you – a REAL & AUTHENTIC YOU!
Because if you are my MODEL it does not matter who you are. you WILL look like a model JUST BY BEING YOU!

My favorite moment is when my clients would say: “We are really bad at posing” or “I don’t like to smile in photos.” Well, the surprise for my clients is that they all look like they are professional models, with a magical smile, in all my photos.

This is what makes me love my job even more! I do not just create memories for people, but I create memories of their lives. I am always so happy that, during the shoot, my models (whether it is kids in a family shoot or a couple on their magical day) think of me as a friend.

They enjoy how I help them, and to show how beautiful and fun they are! I love meeting new people, so let’s meet for coffee so you can get to know me better!

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